Motherhood portraits


The beauty of Motherhood deserves to be celebrated with authentic photographs of you and your most loved ones.

when + Where

The Motherhood portrait sessions will take place on May, 4th from 10-2 in a natural light-filled room next to Confleur, located at 116 Broadway Sreet in Paducah, KY.

Reservations for the portrait sessions can be made here:


Q: How much? What do I receive?

A: Each session includes a 15 minute portrait shoot. The portraits can include you and your loved ones, or you can choose to have portraits done of just your babies/toddlers/teenagers/kiddos!

You will be emailed a link to your private, downloadable/printable gallery which will contain 10-15 high resolution images (both film and digital).

The price of the portrait session is $75.

Q: What else will be at the Pop-Up event?

A: Along with the authentic portrait session, there will be other ways to treat yourself! You can create your very own flower bouquet at the Flower + Furbish flower bar, shop unique pieces for your home or garden at the Frenchtown Station table, find handmade and sustainable apparel and gifts at the Raven+Moth table, pick out one of a kind Noonday Collection items made by artisans around the world, and hop over to Confleur for tasty sips and eats!