The Catron Family // Super 8 Film by Caroline Eddy

The beauty of film (photography and video) is the beautifully real documentation that comes with it. You shoot without being given instantaneous results, making the end product that much sweeter and gratifying. 

This was my first time to ever shoot a Super 8 film, and I absolutely LOVED it. I can't wait to document more beautiful moments with it in the future! 

Sarah. by Caroline Eddy


My dear friend Sarah is resilient. She is loved. She is beautiful. These photos were taken during her first round of chemo last Spring. Her stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma was believed to be gone, but it has returned and she is in need for more medical assistance. Her round two battle is leaving her with extra financial hardship, strain on her fertility, and trauma to her body. Please send prayers her way, and if you feel led to donate, below is the link to Sarah's Smile! We love you, Sarah!