Portrait of an Artist // Haley Klein / by Caroline Eddy

Haley Klein is one of the most talented, loving, and genuine people I know. When we met at Georgetown College, I knew that she would make a huge impact on my life. Because I admire her work, I wanted to get a closer "behind the scenes" look at her artistic process. Not only was I able to photograph Haley in her element, but I was also able to ask her some questions on what inspires her life and her artistic process. Thank you, Haley, for sharing your amazing talent!

Q: What inspires/drives you day to day?

A: I feel inspired by many things, but most generally I think people are so inspiring.  Whether it’s daily interactions or in my work as I am becoming a therapist, people give me so much energy and inspiration. I think the ability we have to really get to know and see each other at our most vulnerable selves is such a gift that we often take for granted. Getting to know others in a way that is “real” and beyond our comfort zone I think can create hope and change us for the better. I’ve come to feel as though we aren’t really living unless we take the opportunity to break down those barriers daily, it can be scary, but also so encouraging and exciting.

Q: Do your daily inspirations correlate with your artwork?

A: I think they do. I have noticed how freeing it has been to go down a more ‘abstract’ path for me as of the past few months and I cant help but feel that that is correlated with where I am at in life. I am constantly learning and being stretched in so many ways at this point in life, and somehow this type of composition I feel reflects that. There’s no particular focal point, just different compositions interacting with each other to create something that hopefully comes together to create something beautiful.

Q: What drives you to create?

A: I think the feeling of creating is super meaningful for me. I can escape from the day to day stress and just create which brings so much joy to me. I have found making this time a priority for me bleeds positively into other aspects of my life. It’s never been something I really display or share and it honestly is one of the few things that I do only for myself. I think there is value in paying attention to that part of me that has a need for this type of outlet.

Q: What is your favorite art medium?

A: It changes all the time. Write now I love acrylics and loose gold leaf, but a month ago it was watercolors. I am definitely open to various mediums and love learning more skills. I still love taking different classes in the evenings when I have time.

Q: I know that you are currently balancing work, school, and being a wife. How do you make time to create?

A: I am a little overwhelmed at times with just the stage of life we are in. I have found making this time a priority just helps me to feel more like “me” in the midst of the seemingly endless chaos. I really just try to make myself spend one hour a week creating in some way, and it can often turn into two or more after that. It is sad that that is all I have time for right now, but even an hour is so freeing and enjoyable that it positively affects those other areas of my life.